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Lab View

National Instruments (Network Edition)

The Lab View Network Edition is available to Chemical Engineering Students. Follow the directions below for your computer type.

Note: Windows users should not install the 64-bit version of labview even on 64-bit versions of windows.

Note: As of Jan 2022, we no longer offer Student licenses.

  1. Download the NI Package Manager from here. Your browser may issue a warning, but click the ... and click keep.
  2. Extract the Zip and run the application. (Be sure to "extract" the folder. Do not try to run the application from within zip) 
  3. Accept the Package Manager License as below:
  4. Click Next again to install the Package Manager
    Ready for NIPM Install
  5. When complete, the product selection window will appear. You can proceed with the default selection or optionally scroll down and deselect the items in the drivers section. Then click Next.
  6. You may be prompted to accept the license for Silverlight. If so, please accept it and click Next as below. 
    Accept Silverlight
  7. Review Summary and Click Next to begin installation. The installation process downloads the most up-to-date packages from the internet and can take as long as 20 minutes to complete.
  8. Open Labview.
  9. At the Activate window click Login to Activate.
  10. If you have an account you can login. If not, click Create Account to launch a browser window. At this window, create a National Instruments account with your CMU email.
    Create Account
  11. Switch back to the "Activate Software window and login with this new account. In the dropdown select Connect to a Volume License Server
  12. IMPORTANT: If you are connecting from CMU-Secure you must add as a DNS search suffix. This is done by:
    1. Go to Control Panel>Network and Sharing Center and click Change Adapter Settings
    2. Double Click the WiFi adapter and then click Properties 
    3. Find Internet Protocol Version 4 on the list and click properties, then click Advanced
    4. Go to the DNSTab and then select Append these DNS suffixes (in order)
      Then click add and add both and in this list.
    5. Click Okay and Close until you are out of the adapter settings.
  13. Enter the following into the box: and click Connect
  1. Download the LabView for Mac installer from here.
  2. Your Mac should unzip the download for you. Double-click the ISO file to mount it.
    mount iso
  3. In the resulting window navigate to "LabView -> MacOS"
    navigate to dmg
  4. Double-Click the .dmg file to launch the installer
    dmg root
  5. Double-Click "LabView 2020 64-bit" on the left side
    dmg root
  6. Click "Continue" 3 times to get to the NI License Agreement dialog then click "Accept"
    accept EULA
  7. Click "Install to begin the installation process
    review products
  8. Enter your password our Touch ID when prompted to approve the install
  9. Success! LabView is installed. Activation is automatic