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We offer assistance with computing purchases small or large. We keep many computer accesories in stock, and can offer first hand experience on many popular brands.

If you have any questions or require purchasing assistance please contact the Help Desk or just stop by the office located at Doherty Hall 3101 Corridor.

Computer Recommendations

Desktop Computers and Servers
We recommend Dell desktop computers and servers. We employ a variety of these machine in our public access and high availability facilities.

Prior experience with these systems has shown reliability comparable to other manufacturers. This coupled with the easy access and fast turn around time of Dell service and support has made them a good choice for the department.

For a price quote on a Dell machine simply email or stop by with a configuration list from the Dell retail site.

We recommend Lenovo brand laptops. These laptop have shown a high level of reliability, and are available from the computer store located in the University bookstore.

In addition to being available for sale on campus, the Computer Maintenance Group is a certified lenovo repair facility. This allows for a short turn around time on both in and out of warranty repairs.

Other Types/ Brands
We also can provide price quotes and information on other major brands (HP, IBM, Sony, Apple). Direct support of these products are limited due to our resources.