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ChemE Computing

Chemical Engineering Computing

Computer Repair

We offer basic component level computer repair of standard and custom PC's. We do NOT offer repair of Apple MAC computers or Unix workstations, however we will act as a contact to get the latter machines to appropriate repair facilities.

As part of Component level repair, all major computer subsystems (Drives, Power supply, Motherboard) are tested for normal operation. Failed components are replaced at the cost of the machine's owner. If system cannot be diagnosed on site it will be taken to an appropriate facility for diagnosis. The machines owner will assume all costs.

If you experience a problem with your computer, please bring the machine and all machine specific cables to the office (DH 3101 Corridor) during normal business hours or contact the Help Desk. You will receive a preliminary diagnosis within 2 business days.

Data Security

During the repair process a full image of the client machines data will be taken (if possible). If data cannot be backed up prior to repair the user will be contacted with information regarding risks and data recovery.