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Appointments – routine check-ups, screenings, consultations or whatever shape they take – are an important part of everyone’s well-being – from physical and mental health to career planning and nutrition. They can be out of necessity, a one-time thing, part of an ongoing journey, and what opens a door to a new one. This page provides a variety of health and well-being appointments offered to you at CMU, conveniently listed all in one place and tailored for our Tartan community.

CMU Cares Referral Form

Any member of the CMU community, alumni, family member or friend may use this form if they know or feel a CMU student may be in need of support or assistance due to behavioral, mental health and well-being concerns. This form refers the student of concern to Student Affairs staff who will assess and take appropriate action.

CMU Cares Referral Form

This form is not for emergency or immediate life safety situations. In these cases, contact University Police at 412-268-2323 or call 911.