Carnegie Mellon University

Health Resources


Yes. University Health Services (UHS) has doctors available. Depending on the issue though, you can also schedule a visit with a nurse at UHS which may help you get an appointment faster. Make an appointment online using HealthConnect (HERE) or walk-in.
To make an appointment at UHS, log into HealthConnect (see HERE) and use their scheduling tool. You can also walk in directly to their office and see if immediate appointments are available. CaPS appointmnts can be made by calling into the office (412-268-2922). For most off-campus doctors, you will need to call their offices ahead of time to make an appointment. For some hospital chains (such as UPMC) they offer an online tool to schedule appointments and track health history/ doctor correspondence. Urgent Care locations are an exception as they primarily deal with walk-ins only.
If it is a life threatening emergency, then yes. Either get yourself there or call 911. For non-life threatening issues (colds, sprains, etc) we recommend Urgent Care. There are a couple located near campus (find addresses HERE). Additionally, for non-emergency, same-day care you could stop by or call UHS, (412)268-2157, and see if they can make an appointment to squeeze you in. Online UHS appointment tool HealthConnect is HERE, but you may not be able to get a same-day appointment online.
If you have a short- or long-term condition, you can contact Disability Services for assistance. Adjustments may include arranging for recording devices, sign language interpreters, extended time for testing, or voice recognition or other adaptive software or hardware. Find more information HERE.
Just going to Disability Services and seeking consultation will not be put on your official academic transcript in any form. If you choose to take advantage of academic accomodations that their office can arrange, there will be communication to your professors, however the level of disclosure is up to you. Get more information HERE.
UHS hosts the Collegiate Recovery Community to support students who wish to recover from addiction to alcohol or drugs. Find information HERE. If this is not a good fit for you, UHS can help you find another support in the Pittsburgh area as you recover.

General Wellness

The Campus Wellness Initiative (Be Well at CMU) has resources and hosts workshops and talks regarding general wellness and mindfulness. Student Affairs offers many wellness resources to help you be well. UHS also has some great resources to help you be well including a Healthy Eating Guide (they have a nutritionist on staff) and a nice list of Stress Management Resources. Check them out HERE.
The Academic Development Office offers Academic Coaching to grad students. In workshops or one-on-one sessions they teach time management and study skills. Get more info HERE.
You are right, many different offices host wellness related content. The best place to get information on what is happening is the "Be Well at CMU" email list. To join, text BEWELLATCMU to 22828 and then you will be prompted for your emaill address, or just email Angie Lusk HERE with your preferred email address.
UHS offers sleep assessments and stress management consultations. You can schedule them using HealthConnect (HERE) and they are free with the CMU Student Health Insurance Plan.
CMU partners with Headspace, the top rated meditation app, to provide free downloads to the CMU community. It has hundreds of hours of guided mediation sessions which reserach shows can help your overall mindfulness and success. Find more info HERE.
The Mindfulness Room in the West Wing is a great space to rest and relax. They also host free workshops and seminars in the space around larger holistic health topics. Check out the details HERE. Also, check out the Graduate Student Lounge on the 3rd floor of the Cohon University Center. While not as restful as the Mindfulness Room, the Grad Lounge does provide an nudergraduate free space to work and socialize in the UC.

Mental Health

There are licensed Psychologists and Therapists available free-of-charge at CaPS. They can schedule one-on-one counseling sessions. Get more information and register HERE. CaPS also hosts graduate student support groups. UHS also has a Psychiatrist on staff (appointments scheduled HERE  through HealthConnect).
CaPS offers targeted graduate student support groups. Find more information HERE  under "Groups". Be sure to check for new groups at or near the start of the semester!
No. CaPS does not disclose that you went and what was discussed to anyone, let alone the University. There is a short list of exceptions (such as the intent for physical harm to yourself or others) but otherwise, CaPS, like any off campus therapist, complies with confidentiality laws.
If CaPS doesn't suit your needs, you are welcome to look for a psychologist/psychiatrist off-campus. CaPS can give you a referral to one in the area or you can search on your own. Be sure to check with your insurance plan to make sure that the office you want to go to is covered. (If you have the CMU Student Health Insurace, you can use the Aetna DocFind, HERE, to find a mental health professional in network.)
CMU does not have a standard policy for taking mental health days. If you have a diagnosed condition, you can work with the Office of Diasability Resources to find an accomodation that can help you succeed at CMU. Get info HERE. If this is a general policy change you would like to see at CMU, be sure to submit your story to GSA (HERE) so we can better advocate for the issues that matter to you.

Health Insurance

Check out the Health Insurance Basics Document created by GSA for a quick look at what the CMU Student Health Insurance Plan covers (find it HERE). For more information, you can look at the UHS website HERE.
Yes you can if you register for a payment plan HERE. Note that the registration window ends in September and there is a fee to do so!
If you do not have the CMU Student Health Insurance, you will have to check with your own provider, but for those using the CMU Plan, check Aetna DocFind (HERE) for off-campus doctors that are in network. You can also contact UHS and see if they have a doctor/speciailst that they recommend, see a short list HERE.