Carnegie Mellon University

Director of Finance

Welcome to the homepage of Carnegie Mellon University’s Director of Finance. The Director of Finance is part of the Student Government Executive Board and their role is to supervise the JFC Budgeting process (the process through which student organizations are provided $2 million of funding), monitor the allocation’s proper usage, and support the financial well-being of student organizations on campus.

Joint Funding Committee

Generally known as the JFC, the Joint Funding Committee is a committee of 20-30 students that are responsible for allocating funding to student organizations. The JFC is funded by the Student Activities Fee, which is paid by each Carnegie Mellon student on the Pittsburgh campus - undergraduate students pay $144/semester and graduate students pay $119/semester. Most of the revenue generated by the fee, approximately $2 million, is given to the JFC, which then allocates the funds to the 300+ organizations on campus.

The JFC has a formal application process to determine the funding for the organizations. Student organizations that seek JFC funding will be required to fill out the JFC Declaration of Intent Form and will be assigned a JFC Financial Advisor. The JFC Financial Advisor will serve as the organization's voice throughout the allocation process. Organizations are recommended to stay in contact with their representative as they will be the organization’s liaison to the entire community and will also be the organization’s first point of contact for any questions. JFC Financial Advisors are trained to learn about the organizations they represent and to work with them as a financial advisor and resource.

All final budgets recommended by the JFC are approved by the Undergraduate Student Senate and the Graduate Student Assembly.

JFC Membership and Applications

Who can sit on the JFC? All students who are passionate about and committed to shaping the student body experience are eligible to sit on the committee! We seek students from all backgrounds, levels (both undergraduate and graduate), majors, interests and more.

Applications to be a part of a JFC Member (also known as a JFC Financial Advisor) are currently closed. JFC members must be able to serve for a full academic year. Applications open in early Fall 2024 to review FY26 budgets.