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JFC Budget Process

JFC Budgeting Presentation

This is a short presentation on how to create a budget on the Bridge and how to structure your JFC budget and here are the slides for the presentation.

Fiscal Year 2021-2022 (FY22)

Every year, organizations are able to receive JFC funds to subsidize their expenses. This year's Joint Funding Committee (JFC) is responsible for allocating funds to organizations for Fiscal Year 22 (FY22: Fall '21 Spring '22).

First, organizations that are seeking funding will be required to fill out a JFC Declaration of Intent. They will then be assigned a financial advisor with whom they will meet and consult for their budget. They will then submit this budget on the Budgeting Module (online platform used throughout the JFC Allocation process). The Joint Funding Committee will then meet and determine the allocation for all the organizations. Once the allocations are decided, they will be released online and the organizations will be notified by the SBVPF. Organizations will have the opportunity to appeal their allocation. One the appeals process is finished, the SBVPF will present the budget allocations to Senate and GSA for ratification. After the allocations are ratified, they become the official JFC budgets for the organizations the following year and the organizations will be notified.

JFC Process Timeline

JFC Declaration of Intent is due December 1st:

JFC Financial Advisors for FY22 have been assigned

JFC Budget Requests for FY22 are due February 11th, 2021

JFC Preliminary Allocation Decisions for FY22 will be available April 4, 2021

JFC Appeals for FY22 will occur on April 10th and 11th, 2021

JFC Final Slate Ratification for FY22 will occur on April 21st, 2021