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Partner & Family Resources


There are a number of ways to connect with other CMU grad students wih partners and families. Check out our Facebook Group (HERE) and feel free to email the GSA Partner & Family Advocate at any time with questions (email HERE). The Advocate can also add you to the email d-list for email updates.
You can purchase insurance coverage for a partner and/or dependents through the CMU Student Health Insurance and/or University Plans (if eligible). See a comparison of SHIP and the University Plan HERE. Another alternative if you are a US resident is to look on the PA Marketplace (HERE). If you elect to get your own health insurance through the Marketplace and not just that for your partner/dependent, be sure that the plan meets the CMU student insurance waiver requirements, HERE. Also, be sure to check if your child is eligible for CHIP (HERE) which may provide a more affordable alternative/supplement.


Partners of CMU students can obtain a sponsored ID Card through the HUB. Documentation to get an ID card requires a marriage certificate or a Domestic Partner Registration Form from the Office of Student Affairs. Find more information about the card application HERE and about the domestic partner registration HERE. Benefits are offered through a range of offices including Human Resources, UHS, and Athletics/Recreation. Check with the staff in the office you are curious about for specifics.
There is no service currently offered to help partners to find a job in Pittsburgh while accompanying their grad student. Partners of International students should also check their visa status before searching for employment as some visas do not allow employment. If the lack of partner job support services is something that has affected your life, share your story with GSA (HERE) so we can better advocate for issues that affect grad students.
OIE provides a list of recommended volunteer organizations HERE under "Volunteer Opportunities". The list is not exhaustive, but will give to a good idea of what types of volunteering are available in Pittsburgh.
The official website for the Pennsylvania DMV can be found HERE. There is more information about requirements for ID cards and Licenses on the website, but prepared to have to go to the DMV in person at some point. If you and your partner are from outside the USA, be sure to check HERE. OIE has given some guidelines on obtaining IDs and licenses for different visa types.
The ICC is the language skills learning center but is only available to CMU students. If your partner is not also a student at CMU, be sure to check out the community resources (free online classes) listed HERE under "ESL Resources".


Yes! The GSA offers a Child Care Grant to CMU graduate students who incur childcare expenses. Details and the application can be found here.

The GSA Child Care Grant is a need-based child care support in the amount of $500 per semester to eligible graduate student applicants in the form of non-qualified scholarships.

While these grants do not cover the bulk of child care expenses, they do provide graduate student parents with some financial support to help off-set childcare expenses and to enable graduate student parents to pursue their studies. The childcare grant can be used for any licensed day care or in-home care provider in Pennsylvania.

Yes. Lactation rooms are available across campus. You will need to fill out a form to request card swipe access. The location list and request for can be seen HERE.
CMU has a Student Maternity Accommodation Protocol in place to provide guidance on taking time off to delivery your child, it is not a guarantee of accommodation. You will need to work with relevant faculty and staff (i.e. your advisor and department staff) to decide on an exact plan. The Protocol is extended to female CMU students. Find more information HERE.
While there is a Student Maternity Leave Protocol (see HERE) there is no protocol in place for other forms of new parent leave. If this is a resource you would like to see in the future at CMU, submit your story to GSA (HERE) so we can better advocate for the resources that matter to you.
For those registered for the CMU Student Health Insurance Plan, use the Aetna DocFind website (HERE) to search for local, in-network doctors of all specialties.
There are many options to find information about the many different types of schooling available in Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Public School Website (HERE) is a great place to start. They offer early childhood education, K-12, magnet school, and online options. CMU provides a list of Pittsburgh area private schools (HERE). Allegheny Intermediate Unit (HERE) is another local organization especially for early childhood and alternative education options.
There are two CMU operated early education schools. The Cyert Center for Early Education accepts children from 3 months - 6 years. Priority is given to faculty and staff, but applications for children of graduate students are also accepted. Find more information HERE. The Children's School is a laboratory school that is part of the Psychology Department. It accepts children from 3 years - 5 years. Find more information HERE. You can also find options for early childhood education through the Pittsburgh Public School website and Allegheny Intermediate Unit website (HERE  and HERE).
Check out Carelink! This service provided through the CMU network can help you find babysitters and other short notice care needs. Find the site HERE.
Financial support for graduate students paying for childcare is not currently available. You could investigate if the interest free Emergency Student Loans or Student Maternity Loans fit your needs (info HERE). If you would like to see an expansion of childcare support offerings, be sure to submit your story to GSA (HERE) so we can better advocate on your behalf for the resources and services that can benefit you.