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The Office of Disability Resources provides responsive and reasonable accommodations to students who self-identify as having a disability, including physical, sensory, cognitive and emotional disabilities. Through our office, the university can provide counsel, support services and accommodations to ensure that all students, regardless of ability, have equal access to the world-class education, campus programs and activities offered by CMU. 

Students are also welcome to discuss concerns about support for disabilities with members of the admission staff, housing office and/or health/psychological services. Upon enrollment, students with disabilities should contact the Office of Disability Resources to discuss their needs and to develop a Student Individual Accommodation Plan. Accommodations are made with the intent to maintain the academic integrity of each course and the academic program as a whole, while also meeting assessed needs.

If you would like to learn more about the services and accommodations provided by our office, we encourage you to explore our website or email us. To discuss your accommodation needs in person, please call us at 412-268-6121 to set up an appointment so that we can answer your questions.


Accommodations Descriptions

Peruse a list of the most commonly requested accommodations and their general descriptions.

Read Common Accommodations Descriptions

Obtaining Accommodations

Students may apply for accommodations at any time while enrolled at CMU.

Learn How to Apply for Accommodations

Managing Existing Accommodations

Once you have been approved for accomodations, notify your faculty about approved accomodations and utilize those accommodations for current classes by logging in to the Disability Resources portal.

Discussing Your Accommodations

Discover ways to discuss your accommodations with your professors.

Learn Tips for Discussing Your Accommodations

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