Carnegie Mellon University

Individual Therapy

CaPS offers free, confidential short-term psychotherapy to students enrolled at the Pittsburgh campus. Having a conversation with a non-judgmental, culturally-sensitive therapist is a good place to start. The sessions provide students the opportunity to speak freely and discuss private, personal issues.

Students interested in individual therarpy at CaPS will have a consultation as their first encounter with a CaPS therapist. Call CaPS at 412-268-2922 to set up a consultation.

You and your therapist will work together to determine how many therapy sessions would be appropriate for you based on your needs and CaPS resources.  Typically, sessions are scheduled every other week.  They may be scheduled on a weekly basis based on your needs and your therapist’s availability.

Students seek therapy for a variety of reasons ranging from self-exploration to having a personal difficulty to being in distress. Read more about this on our frequently asked questions page.