Carnegie Mellon University

Obtaining Accommodations

To obtain accommodations or services for your disability, please follow the required steps below:

  1. Using your Andrew ID and password, log into our secure online portal.
  2. Complete the application for services.
  3. Receive confirmation from our office of your form's receipt. 
  4. Submit appropriate documentation of your disability according to the documentation guidelines
  5. Make an appointment with the Office of Disability Resources to discuss your needs and possible accommodations.  
  6. If you qualify for accommodations, Disability Resources staff will approve the appropriate accommodations, and you will then use our online portal to send your faculty a Summary of Accommodations Memorandum, notifying them of the accommodations you are approved to receive. 

The information gathered in this process is used by the Office of Disability Resources to develop a Student Individual Accommodation Plan, which is an agreement between the student and the Office of Disability Resources. 

If academic accommodations are granted, students are responsible for providing the Summary of Accommodations Memorandum to their instructors at the beginning of each semester. Upon request or as necessary, the Office of Disability Resources will assist students in notifying their instructors and other university personnel of the approved accommodations.

Requesting Additional Accommodations or Change to Accommodations

To request modifications to existing accommodations and services, please email our office via email. Catherine Getchell will work with you to initiate a conversation within 5 business days.