Carnegie Mellon University
Executive Branch (Exec)

Welcome to the Executive Branch

The Executive Branch works closely with the legislative bodies, SLICE, and other organizations to create the best possible campus environment for all undergraduate, masters, and PhD students. The branch consists of four student officials elected for one-year terms during the Spring elections, and also is the place where student leaders across Student Government come together to talk.

The Executive Branch consists of four individuals:

The Executive Committee and the Student Leadership Council bring together the leaders of all student government groups:

  • The Student Government Executive Committee (Exec), which focuses on campus-wide advocacy and is composed of the GSA President, the Senate Chair, the Student Body President, and the Student Body Vice President
  • The Student Leadership Council (SLC), which focuses on student government logistics and composed of all of the Executive Committee, the SBVPF, the SBVPO, the AB Executive Chair, the SDC president, the Cabinet Chief of Staff, and the Constitutional Advisor