Carnegie Mellon University

Automated Science: The World’s First Academic Cloud Lab

Carnegie Mellon University and Emerald Cloud Lab have partnered to build the world’s first cloud lab at a university. The automated, remote-controlled lab will provide a universal platform for artificial intelligence-driven experimentation, revolutionizing academic laboratory research.

Through the Carnegie Mellon University Cloud Lab, we will democratize the discovery process, creating a community of researchers whose diverse experiences and backgrounds spur innovation.

Fluorescent green test tubes in a lab.

The Future of Research

The Carnegie Mellon University Cloud Lab can handle all aspects of daily lab work, from experiment design to data acquisition and analysis. Housing more than 180 unique types of scientific instruments for life sciences and chemistry experiments, CMU-affiliated researchers are provided access to a wide array of tools to explore important questions for the future of humanity and the world.

An Innovative Environment Where Science is Accessible, Reliable and Limited Only by Ideas

Research Impact

The CMU Cloud Lab provides the advanced infrastructure to ask revolutionary questions and leverage the resulting data beyond the individual experiment.

Collaboration and Cooperation

Access to state-of-the art resources and data on a single, open science platform allows collaboration on a new and deeper level.

Education for the Future

Training students on the CMU Cloud Lab and other aspects of research automation will give them an advantage in their future careers as scientists.