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First-Year Advisor, Maggie Braun

Doherty Hall 1324


Maggie Braun

Undergraduate Core Program

Common Core Graphic

MCS's Core Education program educates students as scholars, professionals, people and citizens, creating well-rounded, young scientists uniquely prepared to enter the workforce or pursue further education.

Each year the Gilman Award recognizes Mellon College of Science graduating students who have demonstrated exceptional commitment and growth through the MCS Core Education in the four dimensions--scholar, professional, citizen, and person.

First Year Seminar

The First Year Seminar equips you with foundational knowledge, skills, and perspectives that support your transition from high school to college and your development as emerging scientists and mathematicians.

Science and Society

The Science and Society requirement is designed to help you connect your discipline with the world around you by preparing you for your impending transition into professional life and the exciting future that awaits.


The ENGAGE requirements plug you into the service, arts, and wellness throughout your time at CMU, enabling you to engage in activities that are meaningful to you and helping you become well-rounded individuals.