Carnegie Mellon University

Our Vision

The Mellon College of Science will be a trailblazer in transforming science through research and learning.  Our people and our work will answer problems of worldwide consequence and revolutionize science for the future.

Our Mission

MCS GoalsTo harness the remarkable research strengths and collaborative culture at Carnegie Mellon University to support foundational discovery and solve issues of global significance.

MCS GoalsTo provide students with a rigorous education that provides in-depth skills within their discipline, exposure to a breadth of scientific fields and the knowledge and ability to identify and address significant and challenging problems.
MCS GoalsTo tell the world about the collaborative scientific and educational culture of Carnegie Mellon University and how we are harnessing it to achieve transformational results.

Our Values

A deeper understanding of foundational science through theory and applications.
A safe atmosphere that supports and respects faculty, staff and students in achieving their ambitions.
Transdisciplinary approaches to the innovations of tomorrow.
Diversity in all forms.