Carnegie Mellon University

Servicing the entire CMU campus, we stock a wide variety of chemicals, glassware, enzymes, safety, and office supplies. Significant savings are passed on to the customers as a result of our volume purchase prices from our vendors. Many times shipping fees are waived for our purchases resulting in lower on-site prices.

Purchasing Items

The Mellon Institute Storeroom accepts Oracle numbers only. We are NOT a cash operation.

NOTE: Chemicals purchased at the Mellon Institute Storeroom for locations other than Mellon Institute must be delivered to the campus location. They cannot be taken by the purchaser.

List of Store Room Items (PDF)

Additional Services

  • Domestic and International Shipping and Receiving (FedEx and UPS)
  • Special Ordering from our various vendors
  • Gas Cylinder Purchasing (including delivery and pick-up)
  • Bulk Dry Ice and Liquid Nitrogen
  • Pipettor Calibration/ Repair

Mailroom / Copy Center

Located next to the rear loading dock elevators on the third floor. (MI 370)

The MI Mailroom handles US, international, and campus mail.

Daily mail delivery and pickup is provided in Mellon Institute.

Stamps are also available for purchase in the Mailroom.

The MI Copy Center provides copying and scanning services. An Oracle number must be used for payment. Drop off hard copies to Jack Thorpe or send him files via email.