Carnegie Mellon University

Sipei Li

Sipei Li

Graduate Student, Chemistry

Carnegie Mellon University
4400 Fifth Avenue
Mellon Institute
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


PhD, Chemistry
September 2014 – December 2019 (expected)
Carnegie Mellon University   

M.Sc., Chemistry
September 2011 - Jun 2014
Zhejiang University

B.Eng., MSE
September 2007 - Jun 2011
Zhejiang University of Technology


  • Synthesis of functional polymers by CRP
  • Bio-medicine
  • Rechargeable lithium batteries


  1. S. Li, et al, Highly Conductive YSZ/PAN Hybrids Nanoparticles as Artificial SEI for Lithium Metal Batteries, to be submitted
  2. S. Li, et al, Polymer Chemistry for Improving Lithium Metal Anodes, Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 2019, submitted (invited perspective paper)
  3. S. Li, et al, A Semiliquid Lithium Metal Anode, Joule, 2019, 3, 1637
  4. S. Li, Solvent-Processed Metallic Lithium Microparticles for Lithium Metal Batteries, ACS Applied Energy Materials, 2019, 2, 1623
  5. S. Li et al, Iron Oxide Nanoparticles with Grafted Polymeric Analogue of Dimethyl Sulfoxide as Potential Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agents, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2018, 10, 21901
  6. S. Li, et al, Cationic Hyperbranched Polymers with Biocompatible Shells for siRNA Delivery, Biomacromolecules,2018, 19, 3754
  7. S. Li, et al, Single-Ion Homopolymer Electrolytes with High Transference Number Prepared by Click Chemistry and Photoinduced Metal-Free Atom-Transfer Radical Polymerization, ACS Energy Letters, 2017, 3, 20
  8. S. Li, et al, Biocompatible Polymeric Analogues of DMSO Prepared by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization, Biomacromolecules, 2017, 18, 475
  9. S. Li, et al, Hyperbranched Polymers: Advances from Synthesis to Applications, Chemical Society Reviews, 2015, 44, 4091
  10. S. Li,  et al, Dendritic Molecular Brushes: Synthesis via Sequential RAFT Polymerization and Cage Effect for Fluorophores, Polymer Chemistry, 2013, 4, 4450
  11. S. Li, et al, High-Density and Hetero-Functional Group Engineering of Segmented Hyperbranched Polymers via Click Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, 2013, 4, 1774. (Front cover)
  12. S. Li, et al, Water-Soluble and Clickable Segmented Hyperbranched Polymers for Multifunctionalization and Novel Architecture Construction, Macromolecules, 2012, 45, 4966.

Honors and Awards (selected)

  • 2019 Guy C. Berry Graduate Research Award 

  • 2018 PPG fellowship award

  • 2013 Chu Ko Cheng Scholarship, Zhejiang University 

  • 2012 Best Young Researcher, APME 2013, ACS 

  • 2009 National Scholarship, Chinese Ministry of Education