Carnegie Mellon University

About the Matyjaszewski Polymer Group

  • The Matyjaszewski Group currently consists of 15 graduate students and 5 postdoctoral fellows, two visiting researchers, two visiting students and one visiting assistan professor  
  • Research in the Matyjaszewski Group has led to the publication of 17 books, 760 peer-review papers, 42 issued US patents, 28 pending US patent applications and 123 original and derived international patents.
  • Due to the creative work of his group, Professor Matyjaszewski has an h-index-95 and ranked 2nd among all fields of chemistry in a list of the 100 most cited scientists compiled in 2008, 4th in 2007, and 6th in 20042006 by Essential Science Indicators. The first paper on ATRP, published in 1995, and first ATRP review have spawned considerable industrial and academic research in this field of controlled polymerization and have been cited each more than 2,000 times. His total citation number exceeds 35,000.
  • In addition to fundamental research, the Matyjaszewski Research Group has impacted industry, as evidenced by the formation of two research consortia. The current CRP Consortium was built on the first ATRP Consortium founded in 1995, and has interacted with 34 industrial companies from around the world interested in creating novel polymeric materials for their markets. The ATRP patents were licensed to 7 companies and have led to commercial products.