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  • Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan (03/1998)
    • Master of Engineering in Department of Energy and Hydrocarbon Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering
    • Majored in physical organic chemistry under Professor Ken’ichi Takeuchi and Professor Toshikazu Kitagawa


  • Polymer science
  • Physical Organic Chemistry
  • Polymeric materials for electronic applications
  • Environmentally responsive materials


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Thirty three patents with regard to the electronic materials(2001-2007).
Two examples are shown below.

  • “Method for reducing transition metal, and method for treating surface of silicon-containing polymer, method for preparing fine transition metal particles and method for producing article and wiring board, using the reducing method”  Masaki Takahashi, Kenji Iwata, Hiroshi Watanabe, Kenichi Goto, and Jun Kamada, WO-2006057242.
  • “Polyimides and polyamic acids for photoresists and dielectric films” Jun Kamada, Kenichi Goto, Takashi Kuroki, and Shoji Tamai, WO-2001083591.


  • Mitsui Chemicals, Inc., Japan
    • Material Science Laboratory
    • Senior Researcher (07/2006-present)
    • Developed the copper nanoparticle - polysilane composite film
  • Researcher (07/1999-06/2006)
    • Developed photopolymers
  • Iwakuni-Otake Factory
    • Plant Staff Person (04/1998-06/1999)