Carnegie Mellon University

Address Carnegie Mellon University
4400 Fifth Avenue
Mellon Institute
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


The Pennsylvania State University, Erie, PA
B.S. Plastics Engineering Technology 
Minor in Operations Management

University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS
Ph.D. Polymer Science and Engineering
Minor in Technology Development


  • Polymeric biomaterials/regenerative medicine
  • Block copolymer synthesis and self-assembly
  • Macromolecular engineering through click chemistry
  • Controlled/living polymerizations: ATRP, RAFT, and cationic polymerization


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  • The 64th ACS Northwest Regional Meeting, Tacoma, WA. June 2009.
  • The 238th ACS National Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT. March 2009.
  • The 232nd ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA. September 2006.
  • Society of Cosmetic Chemists, Boston, MA. May 2006.
  • Society of Plastic Engineers - ANTEC, Chicago, 2004.


  • 2007 2nd Place – “Fedex BizPlan Competition”, Fedex Institute of Technology and University of Memphis.
  • 2007 1st Place – “Invent Your Future Competition”, University of Southern Mississippi.
  • 2005 IGERT Fellowship Award, National Science Foundation and University of Southern Mississippi (for 2 years).


  • American Chemical Society (2006 - Present).
  • Materials Research Society (2009 - Present).
  • Society of Plastics Engineers (2002 - Present).


  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA: 2/2010 – present
  • Co-Owner, Pierce Safe Technologies, Hattiesburg, MS: 2008 – 2010
  • Graduate Student, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS: 9/2005 – 1/2010
  • Research Associate, Plastics Services Network, Erie, PA: 5/2003 – 11/2004
  • Injection Molding Teaching Assistant, Penn State University, Erie, PA: 5/03 – 9/03
  • Process Technician, Zurn Industries, Commerce, TX: 5/02 – 9/02
  • Mold Design Teaching Assistant, Penn State University, Erie, PA: 9/01 – 5/02