Carnegie Mellon University

Xiaolei Hu

Xiaolei Hu

Graduate Student, Chemistry

  • MI-812
Carnegie Mellon University
4400 Fifth Avenue
Mellon Institute
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Ph.D. student in Chemistry                               2021.08 – Present

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA

MS.c. in Chemistry                                     2018.09 – 2021.06

Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

B.Eng.                                                2014.09 - 2018.06

Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu, China


Research Intern                                        2021.01 – 2021.06

Pharma in silica Inc., Quebec City, Canada


  1. Xiaolei Hu, Arman Moini Jazani, Jung Kwon Oh*. Comprehensive review: recent advances in synthesis of acidic-degradable imine-based polymeric nanocarriers for intracellular drug delivery.
  2. Xiaolei Hu, Jung Kwon Oh*. Direct polymerization approach to synthesize acidic pH-degradable block copolymers bearing imine pendants for tunable pH-sensitivity and enhanced release. Macromolecular Rapid Communication, 2020, 41, 2000394.