Carnegie Mellon University

Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities

Leading the Way in Creative Solutions

Long before researchers here were creating robots and nanotechnologies, Carnegie Mellon was internationally recognized as a powerhouse in the arts and humanities. Producing Oscar- and Tony-winning alumni, creating new fields of exploration in the field of psychology and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration that is maximizing results, Carnegie Mellon is a fountain of creative thinking.

New Media

iPad Gone are the days when the only way to find out what's happening is to read the morning newspaper. Now, thanks to technology innovations, media is much more accessible and immediate. Under a new Center for the Arts in Society initiative, humanists and artists are investigating how the changing media landscape is transforming our relationship to art, music, photography, information, politics and culture. Read more »

Behavioral Economics

George Loewenstein Poor decision-making on the part of individuals is one of the underlying causes of major health problems in the United States and other developed nations. Policy-makers, employers and others can use the science of behavioral economics to steer people toward wiser choices. Read more »

Intelligent Workplace

intelligent Workplace It's hot in here. My neck hurts. I need to get organized and finish this project. Wonder where they're going to put the new guy … Sound familiar? Work spaces that are uncomfortable and inflexible hinder productivity and creativity. Carnegie Mellon researchers know that, and they are literally "on the job," dedicated to improving the quality of the workplace. Read more »

Leading Autism Research

Autism A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one in 88 U.S. children have autism spectrum disorders. For decades, Carnegie Mellon University has been a leader in the areas of brain science, psychology and learning research. Through hard work and dedication, CMU scientists are getting closer every day to unraveling the unknown of this complex developmental disability. Read more »

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