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Mellon Institute
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  • University of Hanover (LUH, Germany), Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry (PCI);
    Diploma, Research on Coatings of Nanoparticles on Metallic Surfaces
  • German Institute for Rubber Technology (Deutsches Institut für Kautschuktechnologie, Germany); University of Hanover (LUH, Germany), Carnegie Mellon University (CMU, USA);
    From 2010
    Ph.D. Candidate; Research on Magneto-Active Elastomers (MAEs) and evaluation of their technical applications, Hybrid Materials made by ATRP.


  • Rubber technology:
    Rubber synthesis, analysis, compounding, processing and testing. Development of new products.

    Magneto-Active Elastomers (MAEs).
  • Nanotechnology:
    Synthesis, characterization and application of various Nanoparticles (magnetic, MOF, oxidic, metallic).

    Surface modification and dispersion control.
  • Polymer chemistry:
    ATRP and synthesis of Hybrid materials.



2013 Scholarship of the University of Hannover


German Rubber Society (DKG, Deutsche Kautschuk Gesellschaft)