Carnegie Mellon University

Photo of the CMU Fence

July 12, 2019

The CMU Bucket List

The Senior Year Experience program is dedicated to ensuring that seniors experience all that CMU and Pittsburgh have to offer. Our current students have brainstormed a bucket list for CMU students to complete before they graduate. Are there items your student could check off this year?

  1. Paint the Fence
  2. Build a Booth
  3. Watch a Buggy race
  4. Attend a production in the School of Drama
  5. See the Randy Pausch Bridge at night
  6. Attend Meeting of the Minds
  7. Play an intramural sport
  8. Volunteer for 1000plus
  9. Run in Donut Dash
  10. Attend an A Cappella Concert
  11. Attend Bhangra in the Burgh
  12. Go on a Pittsburgh Connections trip
  13. Visit the Mindfulness Room
  14. Support a varsity sports team
  15. Engage in the University Lecture Series
  16. Take a GroupX Fitness class
  17. Take a StuCo
  18. Get coffee with a faculty or staff member
  19. Participate in Hackathon or Build 18
  20. Explore THE FAIR
  21. Watch Greek Sing
  22. Attend a student-run Fashion Show
  23. Eat at Almost Midnight Breakfast
  24. Attend an AB Concert
  25. Graduate from CMU!