The Pausch Bridge connects one of the university’s fine arts buildings, Purnell Center, with the new Gates & Hillman Centers, the home for computer science at Carnegie Mellon.

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Pausch's Penguins
Randy reminded students that even in dangerous waters, one penguin had to be brave enough to take the first dive. The design of the Pausch Bridge pays tribute to all the “penguins” of the world with abstract penguin cut-outs.

About the Bridge
The bridge features more than 7,000 programmable (and environmentally friendly) LED lights. During the opening, the lighting sequences are designed to represent six different visual metaphors from Randy’s book. The light show will run about 15 minutes before repeating on a loop. Sequences will represent these themes: More details on the bridge lighting [.pdf]

Credits: Mack Scogin, Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects; C & C Lighting LLC: Cindy Limauro and Christopher Popovich; Color Kinetics, now part of Philips
The Pausch Bridge
Carnegie Mellon alumnus and professor Randy Pausch inspired millions through his “Last Lecture.” Now, the entire campus community will be able to remember his impact on Carnegie Mellon—and the world—every time they walk through campus.