Carnegie Mellon University

Mindfulness Room

Located on the ground floor of West Wing, all Carnegie Mellon University community members have access to this space.  The Mindfulness Room is open 24 hours a day during the fall and spring semesters. This is the one space on campus to simply rest, breathe, and relax with no agenda.

Some of the relaxation features of this room include plants, a soothing waterfall wall, yoga mats, meditation pillows,  and comfy seating. We ask visitors to not bring homework or technology, and to just visit this room in a state of being present. This place is not be used for meetings or for work, but to recover and inspire yourself. It is not a reserve-able space.

The inspirational part of the room includes the books and the whiteboard walls. There is a bookshelf filled with favorite books from professors and faculty members. We will continue to accept donations of inspirational books, magazines and posters throughout the venue’s lifespan. Donations can be sent to the Student Life Office. There are letters from alumni and upper classmen in big scrapbooks filled with stories of love, laughter, failure, and more. Finally, white board walls are filled with notes from current students and members of the community, supporting and inspiring each other.

We are hosting wellness related events and programs in the space. A bulletin board is located in the room advertising upcoming events.  Programs to date have included meditation and mindfulness workshops, yoga and stress releaving activities. All of the programs to date have been taught by CMU community members both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

We want this space to evolve over time so that it can continue to translate to our community’s needs.  We have included a suggestion box in the room so that individuals can leave comments.  Please visit this space and write about your experience.

We wish to thank the generous faculty and staff that have donated books of inspiration to this room. If you have a book(s) you wish to donate, please email Angie Lusk at We also would like to send a warm thank you to The Soothing Company for their donation of bean bags for our relaxation. 

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