Carnegie Mellon University

Senior Year Experience


The Carnegie Mellon University “Senior Year Experience” Program describes the opportunities available during the final academic year before a student’s graduation. Special attention is provided during this critical time from multiple departments and divisions to ensure the successful completion of the required academic coursework, to prepare students for their careers and for adult life outside of the University, and to celebrate the achievement of becoming a senior and an alumnus/a. Additional opportunities are designed or promoted to encourage active reflection and engagement within the Pittsburgh and alumni communities.

There are three pillars that will guide the strategic vision and planning of the Senior Year Experience Program: Celebration, Exploration, and Preparation. As coordinated through SLICE in partnership with the Alumni Association and CPDC, the Senior Year Experience.

Program will:

  • Celebrate the triumph of reaching senior year
  • Build social networks between seniors
  • Instill a sense of unity and community among the senior class
  • Encourage a stronger institutional affinity
  • Prepare seniors for adult life outside of the University
  • Develop skills to enhance professional and personal success
  • Urge active engagement in the 100K+ Alumni network
  • Expand students’ experiences within the city of Pittsburgh
Celebration will be accomplished by:
  • Hosting celebratory events for the senior class and their invited guests
  • Organizing programs open to only members of the graduating senior class
  • Maintaining an active website with up-to-date resources
  • Corresponding frequently with the entire class through a monthly newsletter
  • Implementing a Senior Week of events the week leading up to Commencement
  • Coordinating the selection of the Student Speaker for Commencement
  • Advertising the Senior Leadership Recognition program
Exploration will be accomplished by:
  • Encouraging engagement on and off campus with peers, faculty, staff, and community members
  • Promoting other university sponsored events/resources of value to the graduating seniors
  • Organizing a series of CMU Bucket List Events and Pittsburgh Bucket List Events
Preparation will be accomplished by:
  • Facilitating workshops geared toward professional and personal life preparation skills