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We encourage our students to develop independence and the life skills necessary to successfully navigate their personal affairs as young adults. We also know that family plays an important role and are key partners in our students’ success. We're here to share information about general campus resources, important events and developmental milestones in your student’s experience so that you have information to facilitate meaningful interactions with your student about their Carnegie Mellon journey.

While you will see the word “parent” or “family” used on most Carnegie Mellon University websites and resources, we want to recognize and intentionally include all guardians, family members and others who give our students support. We recognize the wide range of support that students draw from their biological families, chosen families and friends. We acknowledge that students might have multiple family backgrounds or come from families that are multigenerational, single-parent, same-sex, multilingual or extended. We also know there are independent students on campus who could draw support from friends, partners, work colleagues and others in their lives. Our parent and family engagement efforts are designed to welcome and include all individuals who support our students through their educational journey. 

Carnegie Mellon University offers a world class education that transcends the formal curriculum in each of the colleges. At the university, students are empowered—and expected—to take charge of their education as the principal architects of their experience. An important outcome of the university experience is developing the life skills necessary to successfully navigate one’s personal affairs. Carnegie Mellon is a place where we are committed to supporting the holistic development of each student. 

At the same time, parents and other family members have played a central role in the lives of our students long before joining the Carnegie Mellon community and we embrace the role families will continue to play in supporting their student’s successful university experience. Recognizing the personal and unique nature of individual relationships and family systems, we expect each student will direct engagement about their personal experience at the university with parents or other family members consistent with their goals and aspirations. 

In times when a family member wishes to consult with the university about an immediate concern, we welcome your contact so we can be a sounding board and consult on the particular circumstances facing your student. In turn, should we have an elevated concern about your student’s welfare, we will partner with him or her to reach out to you so we can work together in support of student success. In cases when a student is not exhibiting signs she or he is able to appropriately direct such engagement and we are concerned about safety and well-being, student affairs leadership will review the situation and determine next steps, which often includes our direct outreach to family.

For routine requests for information, it is important to note that federal privacy law often restricts parent and family access to student educational and health records. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of student education records and student medical treatment records. FERPA restricts parent and family member access to student educational and medical records unless they have direct written consent from the student.  

Many parents and family members find the FERPA restrictions to be a significant change from the K-12 environment. Should a student wish to provide access to release their educational and/or health records to a parent or family member, consent forms are available (respectively) on the HUB website. Additional information about health records privacy can be found at University Health Services.

We look forward to engaging with you in the coming years as we work together to support the education and success of your student.

Family Engagement Team


Kari Galensky
Administrative Assistant for the Student Life Suite

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Kari serves as the administrative assistant for the Student Life Suite. She supports staff members of the offices housed within the suite: Community Standards and Integrity, First-Year Orientation and Family Engagement and Residential Education. Kari also assists students and families, and lends a hand to a myriad of projects and programs. Kari graduated from California University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies. She values relationship building and prides herself on her empathy, humor, kindness, and organizational skills and has a deep love of arts and culture. Kari currently resides in Garfield with her pets and plants and lovely friends.

Andrew Greenwald

Andrew Greenwald
Assistant Director for First-Year Orientation & Family Engagement

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Andrew joined CMU in 2016 as a coordinator in SLICE and joined the First-Year Orientation and Family Engagement team in summer 2022 as the assistant director supporting incoming undergraduate students in their transition to campus and their parents and family members. Andrew holds a bachelor’s degree in media and communication arts from Pace University and a master’s degree in student affairs and higher education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Outside of work, Andrew enjoys traveling with his partner, spending time with friends, and enjoying time in the park with his French Bulldog, Sebastian.

Lauren Moran

Lauren Moran, Ed.D.
Associate Dean for Student Affairs & Director of First-Year Orientation & Family Engagement

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Lauren came to CMU in 2023 and is responsible for advancing the strategic vision to develop and enhance the university's relationship with parents, families, and incoming undergraduate students. With nearly 20 years of experience in higher education, Lauren has held a number of roles in student involvement, leadership development, fraternity and sorority life, and alumni engagement. She holds a master's degree in college student personnel from Bowling Green State University and a doctorate in higher education management at the University of Pittsburgh. Outside of work, Lauren enjoys traveling, golfing, running, and exploring her hometown of Pittsburgh. Lauren is a proud aunt, and has a cat named Boro, after her undergraduate alma mater, Edinboro University.