Carnegie Mellon University
THE "Winter" FAIR 2021 will take place virtually on Thursday February 11th, 4:30-6pm EST.


THE FAIR showcases many of CMU's 300+ Student Government recognized student organizations, 23 Greek organizations, and 25+ arts, cultural, and outdoor recreation partners from the Pittsburgh community. The entire CMU community - undergraduate and graduate students, staff, and faculty - are invited to explore ways to get involved at Carnegie Mellon and beyond.


  • Check to make sure your student organization page on The Bridge is fully up-to-date.
  • Meet with members from your student organization to plan and prepare for your table at THE FAIR. Teamwork means less work on any one person and you’ll have more fun. Remember to include members of your organization who don't hold a leadership position.
  • Create a display that is engaging and will appeal to your audience. Your display/poster/banner/table cloth should have your organization name on it. A SLICE staff member may ask you to remove an item that is obstructing the view of another organization.
  • Do not expect to have electrical outlets. Generators are not permitted. We ask that any music or recorded sound be played only at a level that does not impede conversations at the table next you. A SLICE staff member ask you to turn sound down or off. We will not be able to provide performance or demonstration space for your organization. 
  • Brainstorm with organization members for a creative giveaway to pass out to visitors. (Live animals are not permitted as giveaways). Have members at your table to answer questions. Be proactive and approach students instead of just setting up a display and standing by it. Have a sign-up sheet ready to collect names and emails of those interested in joining your organization.
  • Plan when and where your first meeting or information session will be so that you can advertise that information during THE FAIR.

THE FAIR Logistics (when in-person)

Provisions & Breakdown

You will be provided with a six-foot banquet table and two chairs. Due to possible space constraints, we may ask you to share a table with another organization in your same category. Please indicate your sharing preference on your registration form.

THE FAIR ends at 6:30 pm. Please clean-up around your table area and discard any trash to help SLICE staff during their clean-up process after hours.

Check-In & Set-Up

You may start setting up your table at 3:30 pm and you need to be ready by 4:30 pm. If you are a student organization, you were emailed your table number 24 hours prior to THE FAIR and do not need to check-in at the SLICE table.

You must have a member present at your table by 4:15 pm. If you are not present, your table will be given to an organization on the waitlist.

After the Fair

Upload all of the email addresses you collected into the Manage Roster section of your Bridge page to invite individuals to join. Begin planning your first meeting or information session for interested students and follow up with these students within a week of THE FAIR with a personal message to let them know about upcoming events or meetings. The personal outreach will help your organization stand out.