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University Exchange

Carnegie Mellon continually seeks opportunities to partner with institutions abroad to exchange students, faculty, and researchers. Because of Carnegie Mellon's active approach to making international connections, we have several exchange partners abroad. These programs are based on faculty relationships between the two institutions and have been evaluated for academic compatibility. Listed below are our University Exchange partners by country, with links to their exchange application site. 

Exchange programs are reciprocal; we also receive students from the institutions to which we send students. This allows Carnegie Mellon students to build friendships with the students from that institution both prior to and during the study abroad experience, providing a true cultural exchange.

In most cases, Exchange Programs also allow students to use their Carnegie Mellon funding while attending a university abroad. Carnegie Mellon students participating in these programs continue to pay CMU tuition directly to Carnegie Mellon and receive, in most cases, the same financial aid package. Students are responsible for paying all other costs, such as room and board, and travel expenses.

Before students begin a University Exchange application, we recommend they discuss their interests first with a member of our Study Abroad Staff. Students applying for one of our undergraduate University-Wide Exchange options must complete the Carnegie Mellon University Exchange Application (available online through our CMU Study Abroad Portalas well as the application for the university exchange program to which they are applying.

Please be aware that the earlier you complete both applications, the more likely acceptance can be granted, as the nomination by our side along with the acceptance abroad must be finalized before moving forward with other logistical pieces, such as visas and housing.

Exchange Programs by Country


 University of Melbourne


Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

Hong Kong

City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong


Technion Israel Institute of Technology

Academic-Year and Spring terms only. Fall term not possible due to later start date.


Keio University

Academic-Year and Spring terms only. Fall term not possible due to later start date.


Monterrey Tech (ITESM)


Carnegie Mellon University- Qatar


National University of Singapore (NUS)


Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Courses Taught in English