Carnegie Mellon University

Congratulations to Carnegie Mellon Women's Association's 2022 Award Recipients!

Meet this extraordinary cohort and learn about their time at CMU:

carmel-baharav-400x400.jpgCarmel Baharav

School of Computer Science

Extra-curricular activities and organizations: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Society of Women Engineers, teacher's assistant, Db choir
Plans after graduation: Pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science at ETH Zurich in Switzerland as an Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Programme (ESOP) scholar

Being a TA has without a doubt been one of the most impactful experiences of my time at CMU and my life. I have gotten to know so many students, and hopefully have been able to help some of them. And where else but CMU would sororities put on musicals and build themed houses (booths) within the span of a few months? What a joy it has been to get to be on stage and learn how to use drills and Arduinos with some of my closest friends.

"I love how everyone here is passionate about something– it may be a topic I have no familiarity with, but that doesn’t stop me from being excited to learn about what they do. I know I’ve made lifelong friends here, and I can’t wait to see how they change the world for the better."

charet-bolton-400x400.jpgCharet Bolton

Heinz College

Extra-curricular activities and organizations: CMU Women of Heinz Club; Heinz Council for Diversity, Richness, and Inclusion and its Diversity in Policy Mentor program; the Health Disparities Social Justice Programming Committee
Plans after graduation: Working as a Public Sector Data Consultant with Deloitte

My most significant experiences tie to the efficacy and confidence I have gained through my experience at Heinz. I interned with the Allegheny Health Network and was able to use data to identify high-need areas of food insecurity in the patient population, and currently serve as a Data Intern with the National Head Start Association. These were both funded through Heinz College's Federal Community Service Work Study Program and have been fundamental in connecting my passion for supporting women and families to the skills that I have gained in the classroom.

"I am most grateful for who CMU gave me and will miss being surrounded by those who supported me along my CMU journey."

simran-khunger-400x400.jpgSimran Khunger

Mellon College of Science

Extra-curricular activities and organizations: Math Club, the Association for Women in Mathematics, Carnegie Mellon Informatics and Mathematics Competition, the Money Mellons
Plans after graduation: Attending a mathematics PhD program in the fall to study number theory

By far, my most rewarding experiences came about when I embedded myself within the math department. Through math club, I was able to create a sense of community through teas and town halls and support students towards their research aspirations. Most importantly, I found a group of passionate, talented, and mathematically engaged friends who were foundational for my personal and professional growth.

"I will miss the vibrant community of students who are excited about their work and support each other, and my professors who pushed me to grow mathematically and personally."

sanna-legan-400x400.jpgSanna Legan

College of Fine Arts

Plans after graduation: Continuing work in reproductive rights and abortion access as the Social Media Manager at Abortion Access Front

I came into CMU as an art major, specifically creating social justice art. However, over my time at CMU, I realized that social justice is my true passion. Being able to become a BHA student, and a double minor in both Gender Studies and Public Policy, has been a true gift. CMU has always supported my interdisciplinary pursuits, and that has been monumental in my growth during college.

"During my time at CMU, I have had the gift of being surrounded by the most ambitious, passionate and dedicated individuals. Being able to exist within such a powerful community has only improved and refined my own goals, both personally and professionally."

dilara-ozdoganlar-400x400.jpgDilara Ozdoganlar

College of Engineering

Extra-curricular activities and organizations: Society of Women Engineers, president; Residential Education, community assistant, Fairfax; resident assistant; Doctors of Carnegie Society, vice president; Alpha Epsilon Delta
Plans after graduation: Taking a gap year before attending medical school in Switzerland and working full-time doing research in cancer immunotherapy at EPFL

Many of my most significant experiences at CMU have to do with the support and mentorship I was able to provide my peers and residents throughout my time here. I was able to support people through some of the darkest times in their lives, and not only was I able to help them as an RA, but now I am able to lead a team of 10 RAs on my own staff to have the resources and be able to support nearly 400 residents. I am also so lucky to have been able to explore my interests to a whole new level and truly understand how much I love the field of medicine and research. Finally, I have had the opportunity to meet so many strong women in engineering through organizing SWE events and am proud of the work that myself and the SWE team have done this year to support so many peers.

"I am going to miss how supportive the environment is here at CMU. In my every endeavor, I have felt backed by my friends, advisors and professors. The community as a whole truly motivates me to try new things and believe in myself."

mallory-page-400x400.jpgMallory Page

Dietrich College

Extra-curricular activities and organizations: Mortar Board Honor Society, membership chair
Plans after graduation: Attending Georgetown University in Fall 2022 as a part of their Masters of Arts in Global and International Comparative History (MAGIC) program

I had the opportunity to take Public History with Dr. Masich from the Heinz History Center. I was really grateful for this class because undergraduate students typically do not have public history-oriented classes. It has majorly affected my intended career path, as I do see myself working in the public history sphere.

"I will miss the amazing History Department faculty! I had the pleasure of forming connections with professors who have provided endless help with my research and graduate school applications."

jacqueline-wu-400x400.jpgJackie Wu

Dietrich College & Tepper School of Business

Extra-curricular activities and organizations: Pittsburgh Alternative Break, student coordinator; CMU Quizbowl; Elections Board; Washington Semester Program; First-Year Orientation Counselor 
Plans after graduation: Beginning PhD in History at Yale University this fall

I interned at the National Women's History Museum through the Washington Semester Program in Fall 2020, was a First-Year Orientation Counselor in 2021, and served as Student Coordinator for SLICE's 2022 Pittsburgh Alternative Break. This past year, I've also gotten involved with research through the history capstone course and the Dietrich Senior Honors Program, completing two projects relating to Chinese American history.

"I will definitely miss the people — the incredible friends I've made through my four years here, my advisors, and all the professors in the history department who helped me get a crucial step closer to my academic dreams. I'll also miss exploring the city of Pittsburgh."