Carnegie Mellon University

CMWA History

The Wednesday Afternoon Club is organized with a membership composed of wives of the Engineering faculty. Several members recognized the need for a larger club that would include women teachers and all faculty wives.

March 2, 1921. An organizational meeting is held in the Faculty Club Room of the Administration Building (Baker Hall) and Mrs. William E. Mott was elected the first president of the Carnegie Institute of Technology Women's Club.

The Newcomer group is formed (for new members).

In June, the first spring luncheon is held, marking a tradition that exists today.

The Club is offered the use of a house at 5072 Forbes Street; with enthusiasm, the members furnish the house and begin new activities in French weaving and current affairs.

The Women's Club shares "the Brown House" at 4916 Forbes Street with the Faculty Club. Activities include dancing, painting, swimming, French and Spanish lessons taught by members, and volunteer sewing for Shadyside Hospital.

The Women's Club accepts the invitation of the honorary president to have the annual fall tea in her home; this tea is given to welcome newcomers to the Club and the campus.

The Faculty Club House is razed to make way for Warner Hall. The Club meets in the Carnegie Union.

Mid - 1950s
The monthly newsletter is begun. A nursery to care for children during regular meetings is reconstituted.

The Women's Club Award is established "to honor an outstanding girl at the university," another tradition which continues today.

Mellon Institute merges with the Carnegie Institute of Technology to form Carnegie ­Mellon University. The popular dessert bridges are welcomed as a new activity for the Women's Club Program. Other thriving activities include: Gourmet Cooking, Pottery, Music, and Sewing and Handicrafts.

The Women's Club celebrates its Golden (50th) Anniversary.

The Women's Club begins using a house on Roselawn Terrace as a club house for its meetings and activities.

The women's club publishes the cookbook Favorite Recipes of the Women's Club of Carnegie Mellon.

Name changed to Carnegie Mellon Women's Association.

The By-Laws are amended to include all women associated with the university.

A CMWA "walk-about" to the University Center Mural with artist Douglas Cooper provides the stimulus for a university produced video featuring a number of CMWA members.

CMWA presents three awards to outstanding senior women at Carnegie Mellon    

Clubs include the Book Club (now in its 12th year), the Volunteer Group (daughter of the Sewing Group and in existence now for over 50 years), and the Gourmet Cooking Group (now in its 39th year).

Membership is 200 women.

Fall Wine Tasting becomes a new CMWA tradition, after two successful years.

CMWA Web site launched July 2003.

June Bar-B-Que picnic is held for a fourth consecutive year, a new tradition as one of the year's most popular events.

2009 & Beyond
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