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Mindfulness is key to success.

CMWA Lunch and Learn | Inspiring Well-being Through a Non-American Lens

Thursday, January 30: Lunch and Learn with Angie Lusk

12:00-1:00 p.m.
Rangos 2, CUC

How can we design a life, from the built environment around us to the way we gather with others, that is intentional, sacred and full of meaning? Taking cues from the Danish word hygge, the idea of cultivating joy from life’s simple activities, and from the Japanese word wabi sabi, the idea of finding beauty in imperfection, join for a conversation on how we can transform the ways in which we embrace everyday moments.

Bring your lunch and join us to learn about the universality of intentional living.

Angie LuskThe Lunch & Learn will be led by Angie Lusk, Program Director for Student Affairs Wellness Initiatives. 

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