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The Civil and Environmental Engineering department has established research strengths in a number of areas to address the challenges of the 21st century, including:

  • Sustainable, Intelligent Infrastructure Systems
  • Water and Air Quality Science and Engineering
  • Resilient Engineering Materials
  • Environmentally Sustainable, or Green, Engineering Practices

Our research is organized into four major focus areas:

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Research at CEE

untitled-5.pngIntelligent Engineered Systems and Society (IESS)

The IESS research group harnesses advanced technology like embedded systems, 3D imaging, sensors, AI, and systems thinking to enhance infrastructure systems' adaptability and responsiveness. Researchers employing an intelligent infrastructure system use data analysis and decision-making to optimize system performance and sustainability while upholding privacy and promoting equity to ensure equitable and responsible automation.

crest-image.pngClimate Resilient Environmental Systems and Technologies (CREST)

The CREST research group specializes in developing cutting-edge environmental research and technologies to address the challenges of rapid urbanization, industrialization, and pressing water-related issues. Through innovations in nanotechnology, biotechnology, sensing systems, and comprehensive water and systems analyses, we actively combat pollution, monitor environmental health, and advance sustainability. These initiatives benefit industries and contribute significantly to reducing environmental harm, securing a reliable and safe water supply, safeguarding public health, and promoting sustainability in water-scarce regions.

sets-image.pngSustainable Energy and Transportation Systems (SETS)

Our SETS research group is dedicated to addressing pressing challenges in transportation and energy research. We tackle issues such as carbon emissions and urban congestion through smart mobility, vehicle policies, network analysis, and shared mobility while also emphasizing equitable access and climate-resilient policy-making.

mcm-image.pngMechanics, Chemistry, and Materials (MCM)

The MCM research group specializes in understanding material behavior and mechanics within civil and environmental engineering, developing eco-friendly, durable materials through innovative modeling. Our group conducts fieldwork, lab experiments, and analytical studies in chemistry, focusing on materials' environmental impact, particularly in water, agriculture, and health sectors. Our research informs policy decisions, promotes environmentally responsible engineering practices, and develops sustainable solutions.


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