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Omar DeLeon

Omar De Leon (MS 2011)

Alumnus Omar De Leon (MS '11) is taking his engineering expertise around the world as a Construction Engineer for ExxonMobil.

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Leslie Cohon

Leslie Cohen (BS 1962, MS 1964, PhD 1966)

Alum Leslie Cohen (BS ’62, MS ’64, PhD ’66) discusses how CEE prepared him for his engineering career.

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Corinne Clinch

Corinne Clinch (BS 2014)

CEE/BME alumna Corinne Clinch (BS '14) is leading her company Rorus, Inc to build the world's best point-of-use water filter.

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Alejandro Gómez Rivera photo on tunnel site

Alejandro Gómez Rivera (MS 2013)

Alejandro Gómez Rivera (MS '13) is part of an engineering team that is building a 12,300-foot-long tunnel, called the Anacostia River Tunnel, for the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority.

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Negin Ashoori Photo

Negin Ashoori (PhD 2016)

PhD alumna Negin Ashoori creates modeling systems to help the four million people who face water scarcity in the city of Los Angeles

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Chris Watts

Chris Watts (BS 2008)

How an engineering degree From CMU prepared Chris Watts (BS '08) for success in sports industry.

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Max Clark

Max Clark (BS 1964)

Fifty years after graduating, Max Clark (BS '64), a CEE alum remembers the valuable lessons he learned at Carnegie Tech that contributed to a long and prosperous career.

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Sameer Khaitan

Sameer Khaitan (PhD 2006)

CEE alum Sameer Khaitan is working as an environmental and water resources specialist at the World Bank to help clean the Ganges River in India.

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Anna Lenhart

Anna Lenhart (BS 2011)

Anna Lenhart discusses Next Generation of Service (NGS) which is an organization that helps to connect recent college graduates with long-term service opportunities.

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Tim Lee

Jacqueline Linder (BS 1988)

Jacqueline Linder always knew she was going to lead a company, but the path her career took surprised even her. In 2009, the CEE alumna left the high tech industry and started her own company, LunchBots, which offers plastic-free food containers for people on the move.

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Tim Lee

Tim Lee (MS 2009)

Environmental engineering has more ties to Snow White than you might think. CEE alumnus Tim C. Lee, who earned his MS in Environmental Engineering from CMU in 2009, is now working for Disney to reduce the company’s environmental impact around the world. In 2012, Lee joined The Walt Disney Company’s Corporate Citizenship, Environmental Assessments team in Los Angeles, California.

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Amy Nagengast (PhD 2012)

It’s highly likely that CEE PhD student Amy Nagengast has thought about your roof more than you have. Nagengast, who submitted her thesis in December 2012, studies the benefits of combining alternative roof technologies that are traditionally used alone, such as roof gardens and solar panels. She is a key figure in the movement to educate the public about the energy performance impacts of roof options and, more broadly, the value of roof space. 

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Jason Grusky and Phil

Jason Grusky (BS 1995)

CEE alumnus Jason Grusky is currently a math teacher and coach at Punxsutawney High School in Pennsylvania. But in addition to that, he’s a member of Punxsutawney Phil’s Inner Circle – the groundhog in charge of determining when our seasons change. Before transitioning to the Inner Circle, Grusky worked as a civil engineer, where he first focused on geosynthetics. After working on a variety of projects for six years, he decided to emulate the mentors that he had at Carnegie Mellon, and pursue teaching. Along with his job as a teacher came the recommendation to become part of Punxsutawney Phil’s Inner Circle. How did teaching connect Grusky with the celebrity groundhog? 

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Matt Pettit

Matt Pettit (BS 2011)

A year ago Matt Pettit moved to Kongsberg, a small town in southern Norway, to work for FMC Technologies, Inc. FMC Technologies is an international company that engineers subsea oil and gas production systems. He may not have the typical engineer’s career, because not only does he work on deep sea oil wells, he also plays semi-professional basketball. Pettit was actually offered a position on the BK Miners before finding a position with FMC Technologies. 

He entered their Engineering Rotational Program in October 2011, where he was able to sample several different departments. Pettit is currently in charge of the Connection Department’s mechanical qualification testing. The Connection Department handles the connectors between subsea oil wells and the flowlines that transport the oil to the rigs.

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