Carnegie Mellon University

Professional Engineer (PE) License

Students interested in undertaking a career as a licensed, professional engineer (PE) should consider including a set of three graduate courses in their program of study:

  • 12-706 Civil Systems Planning, Pricing and Finance
  • 12-711 Project Management for Construction
  • 12-750 Infrastructure Management 

These courses include topics recommended by the American Society of Civil Engineers as part of the Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge for the 21st Century. The courses cover topics on leadership, project management, asset management, construction, business fundamentals, public policy and administration fundamentals which are beyond the scope of a typical undergraduate civil engineering program.

The remainder of graduate coursework should be selected so as to provide depth in a specialized technical area. M.S. students who do so are also encouraged to petition for use of the approved optional degree title "Civil Engineering." For more information, see the ASCE website: ASCE-Raisethebar.

Students interested in applying for a PE License are encouraged to refer to the NCEES website. Valuable information about the new NCEES Engineering Education Standard for credentials evaluations of foreign engineering degree programs, and U.S. based non-ABET accredited programs in engineering is available at this site.