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Signature Online CMU Experience

At Carnegie Mellon University, we believe that effective online learning begins with the intentional design of an educational and technological ecosystem that cultivates rich, rigorous and interactive learning experiences for both students and faculty alike. 

Intentionality is the core component of our Graduate Certificate in AI Engineering - Digital Twins & Analytics. From the group discussions to the learning activities to the technological tools used for digital interaction, every aspect of our program is hand selected by world-class CMU faculty and Learning Engineers to create the most effective learning environment possible.

So, how does it all work? Glad you asked!

Our online courses are a unique mix of weekly, live online classes with top faculty and flexible learning activities that students can complete on their own time and at their own pace. After hearing directly from experts, students work through carefully curated activities designed to accelerate learning. Every component of the course has been hand selected by experts to ensure efficient mastery of the material.   

Weekly, Live Online Classes

We believe that time spent in the classroom is best used interacting with peers and our world-renowned faculty, not just sitting and listening. As such, live classes are designed to be active learning experiences where learners have significant time to master the materials, along with ample time to interact with peers and faculty.

This is the time to apply new knowledge, ask questions and make sure you’re ready to apply what you’ve learned back in the workplace. Participate in interactive problem-solving sessions and collaborative discussions to solve real-world challenges.

Please note: We follow a semester schedule with classes taking place in Eastern Standard time over a traditional 14-week fall, spring and summer term.  

Classes are held in the late afternoon/evening, after work hours and will meet for 60 to 90 minutes once per week. All class sessions are held on Zoom.

Learning Flexibility 

In addition to the weekly live-online classes, students will complete a range of learning activities hand selected and designed by their CMU professor to accelerate learning and ensure efficient mastery of the material. These activities might include: readings, videos and/or collaborative interactions with peers.  

But most importantly, these activities are designed for busy working professionals. Have time before work? Read an article or complete an assignment as you drink your morning coffee. Have an opening during lunch? Watch a faculty video as you eat your favorite meal.

At Carnegie Mellon University, you will find numerous ways to engage with content in manageable, bite-size chunks to support your unique schedule and learning needs. Here, our faculty provide timely feedback and allow room for iteration before submitting assignments, taking exams or applying knowledge at work. 

With our flexible, intentionally designed program and robust support services, you’ll gain the necessary skills to advance your career and society at large, right from the get-go. These are not skills you might use someday. These are the skills you’ll apply every day to impact the world.