Carnegie Mellon University

Health Care

You will be required to enroll in the CMU Student Health Insurance Plan unless you can provide proof of coverage under a sponsored plan (such as an employer or government plan). A completed waiver form must be submitted and approved by CMU Health Services in order to be waived from the plan. Self-purchased health plans are not acceptable for waiver from the student plan. 

We recommend that you self-enroll for the CMU Student Health Insurance Plan (through the website listed below) in order to secure the coverage (dental, vision, dependent coverage) most appropriate for your personal situation. Students not self-enrolling or submitting a waiver will be automatically enrolled for the individual plan without dental and vision.

Payment in full for health insurance is due in August unless you sign-up for the monthly payment.

Medical Health History Report

A completed medical health history report is required to be on file for all Carnegie Mellon students as an aid to Student Health Services so that they are to provide you with the best possible health care while you are a student at Carnegie Mellon. This report can be completed electronically with your Andrew ID through HealthConnect (select “forms” once you log in). 

The Medical History Report should be submitted as early as possible, but no later than June 30.