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AI Is Powerful, But So Are You

Merge AI with digital twins to solve problems and improve the predictive capabilities of your organization.

Digital twin technology has evolved into sophisticated systems that use sensors and the power of AI to generate, analyze and simulate scenarios, make predictions, and proactively manage a facility's life cycle. By collecting large amounts of data and using the right tools to process and interpret those data, engineers can identify problems before they occur and make more informed decisions for their organizations and society at large.

Engineers + AI = Power

Organizations understand the power of AI, but they also know that AI lacks the innate discernment of a human being. Thus, humans play a critical role in ethically deploying these solutions across industry in reliable and responsible ways. 

In our online Graduate Certificate in AI Engineering - Digital Twins & Analytics, you will gain the skills to make a strong business case for using digital twins in your organization and learn how to lead the implementation of this cutting-edge technology.

By the end of this carefully-designed program, you should know:

  • How to determine when a digital twin is the right solution and how to build a business case for that solution within your organization.

  • How to characterize physical systems and how they are currently designed and operated.
  • How to identify the different types of virtual representations (VRs), their role in digital twins, and how they are being designed and used in design, engineering, operation and maintenance workflows of various facilities.
  • How data are assimilated, fused and visualized in a VR, how to maintain and update virtual models, and how to make decisions based on visualizations.
  • How to oversee the implementation of sensor integration and how to resolve measurement errors or data management issues that may occur.
  • How to create equitable engineering solutions by considering the ethical implications of data collection.

A Powerful Certificate. Conveniently Offered.

The Graduate Certificate in AI Engineering - Digital Twins & Analytics is offered 100% online to accommodate your busy schedule as a working professional. Along with weekly, live-online classes taught by expert CMU faculty, you will complete learning activities on your own time that complement the discussions you have in class. To earn the certificate, you will complete two rigorous CMU classes over a 9-month period.

For the Visionaries

This cutting-edge certificate program is best suited for engineers in senior design, engineering and managerial roles who want comprehensive training in AI and digital twins so they can lead the adoption of this technology in the workplace. 

These individuals are innovative, technically-savvy, and future-focused. They appreciate the power of AI, but they also know the industry will need humans to fill critical leadership roles in the future for responsible AI and digital twin use. 

By the end of this certificate, students will know how to execute the implementation of AI and digital twins in a responsible and ethical way that optimizes the systems, products and/or processes of their organization.

Consistently Ranked for Engineering Excellence

Carnegie Mellon University and CMU’s College of Engineering are consistently ranked among the top programs in the nation for artificial intelligence and engineering. When you enroll in our program, you will be learning the latest and most advanced techniques from some of the most distinguished experts in the field.

Number ONE in the nation for artificial intelligence graduate programs.  

Number FIVE in the nation for graduate engineering programs.

Number NINE in the nation for civil engineering programs.