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How to reserve a CEE meeting space 

The department has several meeting spaces that you can use for your group meetings. Please contact Heather Cain to reserve meeting spaces within the department.

List of reservable spaces in CEE

CEE Art Center

The CEE Art Center outlines branding guidelines for the university and department and links to appropriate logo and art files for university related posters, documents, and publications.

CEE Art Center

The university has clearly defined branding guidelines for all publications. The goal of our identity system is to create a widely recognized, positive image of the university. The most important principles in achieving this are: consistency; frequency; repetition over time.

Please only use the current versions of our wordmark/logo for your posters and presentations instead of self-created ones or retired logos and wordmarks. 

CMU Preferred Font

Open Sans is the preferred font of Carnegie Mellon University.

Optimized for print, web, and mobile interfaces with excellent legibility characteristics, Open Sans is free for all mediums and performs well on both Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems.

PowerPoint Templates

While you are not required to use these templates they do follow campus branding policies.

CEE Wordmark/Logo

Compressed file that includes full color, black, and reversed (white) versions of the wordmark/logo. (updated January 2017)

CMU Wordmark/Logo

The university has set specific rules pertaining to use of logo(s) and wordmark(s).

Important Note:

The University Seal (or thistle/pineapple) can only be used for FORMAL CMU events (ie: graduation) and specifc gift products in brass brass, silver or pewter, appropriate clothing (sports coats), stationery and other items.

Do not use the official seal in combination with the wordmark.