Carnegie Mellon University

Purchasing Center

All purchase requests need to go through our purchasing manager, Cornelia Moore. This includes computing supplies, lab-related materials, and airfare. 

If you need to order laboratory supplies you will need to complete a supply request form and submit it to Cornelia Moore. 

For detailed information about procurement policies, please visit the Procurement Services website.

Reserve a CEE space Heather Cain
Order catering for lunch meetings and events Heather Cain
Travel and conference registration (Faculty) Jodi Russo
Travel and conference registration (Students) Cornelia Moore

Travel and Business Expense Reimbursements

All travel reimbursements must be completed and submitted within 30 days of travel. 

  • Have a valid business purpose
  • Expenses have not been reimbursed or paid for by an outside source (except grants/sponsored project administered by the university)
  • Follow the IRS accounting plan rules
  • Appropriately documented


  • Secure your receipts to a sheet of paper or in an envelope 
  • Receipts must be marked as paid and show your method of payment
  • Reservation confirmations are not accepted as a receipt
  • Lodging per deim is not allowed - you must submit an actual receipt
  • All items over $74.99 require a receipt for reimbursement

Misplaced a receipt? Please complete the Missing Receipt form.

NOTE: Students are not eligible for a per diem and should submit individual meal receipts.

Best Practices for Travel Expenses

  • Acronyms must be spelled out (ie: ASCE should be listed as American Society of Civil Engineers)
  • Claiming mileage? Include a print out of the route (ie: Google Maps)
  • Conference agenda must be included
  • Spouses of traveler are ineligible for reimbursement (travel, meals, etc) without an approved, business related, justification


  • First initial and last name of all guests must be included unless there are 6 or more people
  • Alcohol cannot be reimbursed under federal funds 
  • Alcohol should also be listed as "unallowable" and listed on a separate expense line
  • Meals included (ie: hotel, conference, you are taken to dinner) are excluded from per diem allowance

Please review the Controller's website for detailed information about the University's Business and Travel Expense policy FAQ.