Carnegie Mellon University

Vision Statement

Reimagining civil and environmental engineering through innovative leadership in education and research, and by integrating systems thinking and new technologies.

Empowering a diverse community of socially conscious problem solvers to lead the world to a sustainable, resilient, equitable, and inclusive future.

Mission Statement

CEE Mission – Education

To empower students with flexible, interdisciplinary, practice-oriented, and applied education in a mutually supportive and collaborative environment.

To develop graduates who are technically excellent, socially conscious, ethical, innovative, and critical systems thinkers; adept at engaging new technologies and science; and who will address society's needs and improve the professional field they choose.

CEE Mission – Research

To provide training and mentorship to a diverse group of undergraduate students, graduate students, and early-career researchers; to define and lead new fields of study that leverage emerging technologies and science; and to drive the development and implementation of globally impactful solutions to address societal and human needs.

CEE Mission – Community

To be agents of positive change and serve our internal, external, and global communities by:  maintaining and growing our unique collegial and collaborative environment; expanding our culture of inclusivity, belonging, and giving; and embracing the international and multicultural character of the department, college, and university.

CEE Mission – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

To foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment where everyone feels that they belong, are supported, and have opportunities to contribute to and thrive within the CEE community and beyond.

CEE Values

Our primary strength lies in our students, faculty and staff.

Excellence is our goal in all our endeavors.

Engineering research, education, and practice all demand the highest moral and ethical standards.

We benefit from a diverse community and understand and value that every individual is unique.

A collegial, collaborative and welcoming environment is vital to our success.

Our strong support for interdisciplinary education and research enhances our achievements, contributions to civil and environmental engineering, and our collegial environment. 

Our history and culture of innovation in civil and environmental engineering education and research are an important foundation for our contributions to the field.

Continuous improvement and innovation are essential to accomplish our goals.

Engagement with campus, public, and professional communities is important to our strength and vitality.

We take pride in continuing to reimagine our field and to be proactive in every aspect of our activities..