Carnegie Mellon University

Internship and Global Education

As a Civil and Environmental Engineering student you will have a number of opportunities to explore various areas within your field. Whether  building a basketball court in the Rwandan countryside, spearheading sustainability initiatives for General Motors, or living on an offshore oil-rig doing structural analysis – CEE students are able to gain first hand experience and learn how a degree from CMU can shape a fantastic career.

Student Internship Opportunities

Like many of our students, you can take advantage of summer internship opportunities in research and industry to gain first-hand experience within civil and environmental engineering fields. The department often receives notices of internship opportunities from alumni and corporate partners. These notices are distributed internally via email. Internship opportunities are also posted on Handshake, the online recruiting system for Carnegie Mellon’s Career & Professional Development Center.

CEE offers a limited number of competitive research-oriented summer internship opportunities within the department that allow students to work with CEE faculty on active research projects. Students conclude the internship with a poster presentation at the completion of the 12 week program.

Within the department, our director of career services can help you navigate internship opportunities and how to most competitively present your qualifications to prospective employers. We also hold an annual career fair just for civil and environmental engineering students.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be one of your most valuable experiences as an undergraduate student. It is a time of growth and change – professionally, personally, and academically.

Students report that studying abroad provided them with increased problem solving skills better foreign language abilities, new professional contacts, more independence, an enhanced awareness and appreciation for their home culture, and a stronger interest in other cultures.