Carnegie Mellon University

MS Students

While our MS program is very flexible and does not have a specific course sequence, there are specific program requirements you will need to successfully meet in order to earn your degree.

The graduate program concentration section of this website outlines some guides for MS coursework but these are not required tracks. You should work with your advisor to develop an academic plan that meets your areas of interest and career goals.

PhD Students

If you are an incoming PhD student you will devleop an individualized program of study with your advisor(s). You will, however, need to sucessfully complete program requiremets that are outlined in the CEE graduate handbook and on this website.

MS/PhD Academic Advisor and Registration

In mid-June you will recieve an email that will outline registration instructions and your notify you of you assigned academic advisor. While we make every effort to match you with your requested advisor, we cannot guarentee advisor assignments due to faculty advisor load.

If you are a PhD student, your advisor is the faculty member with whom you will be doing research with.

Prepare for your advising meeting by reviewing the schedule of classes, degree requirements, and the graduate program concentration section of this website. While you are able to register for courses prior to advisor assignmnets, you will still need to meet with them prior to the first day of classes to confirm and fine tune your schedule.

Tip: Look at the courses you are interested for second semester to know what pre-requisites will be required. Discuss these courses with your advisor (once assigned) before registering for the pre-requisites courses to confirm that the second semester courses will be offered.

Prior to the start of classes, you will be able to get textbook information from the CMU Textbook Store.

Final Transcripts

Final transcripts of your completed undergraduate (or MS) program is required prior to entering your graduate studies. If you have not already submitted these documents, please arrange to have your final and official transcript(s) and degree certification (if not listed on the transcript) sent to David Vey as soon as soon they are available.  

These documents must be sent in signed and sealed envelopes. Original and official final transcripts that were mailed with your application do not have to be resent as long as your conferred degree and final grades were listed on the transcript. if there is a delay in getting your degree confirmation, please bring this with you to orientation in sealed and signed envelopes.

Mail transcripts to:

David Vey
Graduate Admissions Manager
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA  15213