Health Requirements for Incoming Students-University Health Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Health Requirements for Incoming Students

What are the required immunizations for incoming students*?

What additional immunizations are recommended?

What are the other health requirements for incoming students?

How do I access the online forms?

Can I complete the immunization form and TB screening questionnaire in multiple sittings?

Do I need a physical exam or a doctor's signature?

I have a copy of my immunization record - can I send it to you instead of completing the online form?

What if I do not have all of the required immunizations by the due date?

If I have no opportunity to get a required vaccine before coming to campus, what are my options?

Can I request a waiver from any immunization requirements?

I need to complete tuberculosis (TB) testing based on my responses to the TB Screening Questionnaire. What testing do you accept?