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Free LEGO SPIKE Prime Curriculum and Activities

Coding and Computational Thinking with LEGO SPIKE Prime

Coding and Computational Thinking with LEGO SPIKE Prime curriculum provides a structured sequence of programming activities in real-world project-based contexts. This curriculum includes videos, animations, and step-by-step lessons designed to help learners foster Computational Thinking using the SPIKE Prime hardware and SPIKE programming app. Coding and Computational Thinking with LEGO SPIKE Prime is broken down into 8 units: Getting Started, Programming the Brain, Robot Movement, Wait Until & Sensors, Loops, Discrete Decisions, Capstone: Subterranean Challenge, and Continuous Decisions. 

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Virtual Iris Rover Badge

This badge is a sample activity from the full Coding and Computational Thinking with Virtual SPIKE Prime curriculum. In this activity, you will learn how to program the movement of a Virtual SPIKE Prime robot from directly within your web browser while completing challenges themed after the real-world Iris Rover from Carnegie Mellon University.

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Hour of Code Activities

The Hour of Code is a global initiative by Computer Science Education Week and to introduce millions of students to one hour of computer science and computer programming. The Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy is proud to support learners participating in the Hour of Code through a variety of free activities, all hosted through our CS-STEM Network

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Summer of Learning Activities

Available in summers, a Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy instructor guides students through learning how to program a robot. Student learn concepts like Robot Movement, Sensors, Loops, Program Flow, and Proportional Math while earning badges on our CS-STEM Network. To be safe and flexible with summer plans, our CMRA Instructors record and post new sessions each week that cover additional topics and answer questions. 

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Virtual SPIKE Prime Curriculum and Activities

Coding and Computational Thinking with Virtual SPIKE Prime

Coding and Computational Thinking with Virtual SPIKE Prime features a programming interface and virtual robot embedded directly within the curriculum. Over 75 programmable virtual environments are embedded throughout, allowing students to learn big ideas in robotics, coding, computational thinking, and mathematics. The virtual robot itself contains simulated versions of the programmable motors, sensors, and other components. 

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RoboCamp with Virtual SPIKE Prime

RoboCamp with Virtual SPIKE Prime is an informal curriculum that teaches basic programming, proportional mathematics, robotics, and other STEM concepts at an introductory level. RoboCamp is designed with carefully scaffolded virtual activities appropriate for both formal and informal educational settings. All of the activities and challenges use a custom virtual SPIKE Prime build in a space-like environment. Get ready for take-off! RoboCamp with Virtual SPIKE Prime is perfect for Summer Camps, Workshops, Afterschool Programs, Classroom Specials, and Interdisciplinary STEM Lessons.

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LEGO SPIKE Prime Teacher Training

Certified Onsite Teacher Training for LEGO SPIKE Prime

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy's Onsite Training courses immerse educators in the world of robotics and CS-STEM education. Our program supports educators through hands-on training. Onsite training is conducted at the National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC) in Pittsburgh, PA. 

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Certified Online Teacher Training for LEGO SPIKE Prime

Enjoy the convenience of taking Robotics Academy courses from anywhere in the world. Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy's Online Training courses feature an interactive class where participants log in for live instruction and Q&A, and then complete some activities from the curricula and other requirements as independent study. 

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Certifications for LEGO SPIKE Prime

Coding and Computational Thinking - Teacher Certificationspike_teachert_cert.png

At the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy, we leverage a "train-the-trainer" model to enable our curriculum, certifications, and microcertifications to make a large impact while helping to guarantee that implementations are positive and effective for learners. Educators who have been trained and certified by the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy are able to offer certification opportunities for their students. Teacher certifications list 36 professional development hours and may be used as evidence for continuing education credits. 

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Coding and Computational Thinking - Student Certificationspike_student_cert.png

Certifications and microcertifications are not comprised of a knowledge exam alone. As learners progress through the curriculum, they earn badges and upload computational artifacts (evidence such as coding solutions, pseudocode, photos of robot builds, wiring diagrams, etc.) that reflect their understanding.

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LEGO SPIKE Prime Build Instructions

TACOBot Build Instructions with LEGO SPIKE Prime


Rhino Build Instructions for LEGO SPIKE Prime


Wifi Module




Supplementary LEGO SPIKE Prime Materials

Coding and Computational Thinking with LEGO SPIKE Prime - Standards Alignment

Coding and Computational Thinking with LEGO SPIKE Prime - Required Materials and Setup

LEGO SPIKE Prime Block Types and Terminology Poster

LEGO SPIKE Prime - Program Planning Activity

LEGO SPIKE Prime Steering Investigation

Challenge Table Build Guide

LEGO SPIKE Prime Iterative Pseudocoding Table

Sequential Movements Printable Mat

Turning Around Craters Printable Mat