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Available Curricula for NVIDIA Jetson Nano


Applied AI and Robotics with NVIDIA Jetson Nano provides a hands-on, project-based introduction to the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, machine learning, perception, and autonomy within real-world contexts. 

This course leverages a scaffolded series of interactive labs and the NVIDIA Jetson Nano on the JetBot platform to cover core AI and ML techniques – Classification, Regression, Transfer Learning, and Reinforcement Learning – applied to robotic tasks like Collision Avoidance, Path Following, and Autonomous Racing. Learners gain a generalizable understanding of how AI enables robots to perceive and autonomously interact with their environment. 



Autonomy Foundations with NVIDIA Jetson Nano equips learners with a practical understanding of how artificial intelligence shapes robotic perception and autonomy. Using the NVIDIA Jetson Nano and JetBot platform, this course offers a hands-on approach to core, real-world robotic capabilities, including Networking, Collision Avoidance, Path Following, AprilTag Navigation, and SLAM. Autonomy Foundations provides a comprehensive foundation for operating and maintaining intelligent robotic systems.

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