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On Demand Training

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy is a world-renowned leader in robotics education and training. Our On Demand Training option provides a flexible and convenient training experience to help schools and educational organizations incorporate robotics into their curriculum. Our highly-qualified instructors will tailor the training materials to meet the specific needs of your educators and provide training either online or at your location. 

The Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy offers curriculum, training, and certifications for some of the best-in-class educational robotics platforms available. We are able to support tailored On Demand training for platforms including LEGO SPIKE Prime, LEGO SPIKE Prime Essentials, LEGO EV3, Arduino with Parallax ShieldBot, REV DUO, Nvidia Jetson Nano, VEX V5, VEX EXP, and VEX IQ. Training may also be provided or supplemented with Virtual Robot Curriculum as well as additional robot platforms not already listed. 

Benefits include:

  • Shorter, focused training engagements tailored to your educator's time availability and needs
  • The option to complete full course material through follow-up online training
  • Familiarizing educators with their own equipment
  • Saving on travel costs for your staff
  • The opportunity for educators to earn a CMRA Certification and continuing education credits

Training Process
Our training process is straightforward and easy to follow. Simply request a training session, schedule a date and time, and our expert trainers will come to your location to deliver the training. Training typically runs for 7-8 hours a day depending on available time or needs. Use the email link to discuss your training needs with us.

Our On-Demand Training starts at $2000/day, plus all travel expenses. We typically recommend one CMRA instructor for every 12 participants. Please contact us to discuss your training needs.

International Destinations
For international destinations, we may require a minimum of two trainers and business-class air travel.

To run training at your facility, please plan to have the necessary equipment available and tested. Typical equipment includes:

  • Computers for every participant with programming software installed
  • Robotics kits
    • We recommend one robot kit for every two participants
    • If you do not have robotics kits, we may be able to provide ours and/or access to our Virtual Robot Curriculum
    • For the best use of time, we recommend having a standard robot built ahead of the training.
  • Adequate space for running the robots and completing challenges
  • Materials such as books, electrical tape, and binders to create challenges
  • Internet access
  • Projector and speakers
Just a note to say "Thank You" again for all that you did to make the VEX V5 and EXP training such a tremendous success for the teachers last week. It was truly amazing to see the teachers engaged in the learning and activities.