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Robotics Academy Certified ROBOTC Training for VEX IQ (On-site)

Five days of on-site, hands-on training where you will learn how to teach using ROBOTC to program VEX IQ robots.

Robotics Academy on-site training includes:

– Online access to supplemental lessons from Robotics Academy materials
– Technical support for all hardware and software used in the class
– 24/7 access to class management system, forums, and message boards (monitored daily)
– Opportunities for Continuing Education credits and certificate of completion

Getting Started with VEX IQ

– Installing Drivers
– Connecting the IQ to your PC
– Updating Firmware
– Downloading and running code

Motors and Servos

– Setting your motors’ speed and direction
– Resetting and using your Encoders
– Setting the motor’s position and strength

Wireless Controller (Remote Control)

– Getting and using your Joystick values
– Setting up your controller’s buttons

Touch LED Sensor

– Getting the touch LED Value
– Setting the brightness
– Setting the color
– Setting the Fade and blink rate

Color Sensor

– Getting the color value
– Changing the saturation value
– Changing the hue value
– Touch LED sensor applications

Class content is subject to change.

Class attendees use Robotic Academy’s computers, robot kits, curriculum, and programming software during the week. No extra purchases of any hardware or software for this course are necessary.

If you would like to purchase additional Robotics Education materials, you can do so by visiting the VEX Robotics Store.


Tuition Cost - $1099

Tuition includes 5 days of on-site training and use of Robotic Academy’s computers, robot kits, curriculum, and programming software during the week. You do not need to purchase any hardware or software for this course. Lunch is provided as part of tuition Monday through Thursday.

– ACT 48 credits / 36 hours per class (for Pennsylvania teachers only)
– Certificate of Completion of course ‘graduates’ – may be used to apply for Continuing Education hours