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Anytime Online Training

Enjoy the convenience of taking Robotics Academy courses from anywhere in the world and at your own pace, with support and guidance from our highly qualified instructors. 

Anytime Online classes feature a hybrid learning model where participants receive just-in-time instructional videos as they work through course content in our learning management system. We ask participants to "put on their student hats" to engage with course materials and build their content knowledge, and then switch on their "teacher hats" to understand how to successfully implement course topics with students. All participants are paired with one of our instructors for any and all additional support needed throughout the course. 

Enjoy these benefits with Anytime Online Training:

  • Learn 100% at your own pace
  • Learn from anywhere in the world
  • Course Materials never expire
  • Direct support from a Robotics Academy instructor
  • Robotics Academy Certification for “Graduates”

The Professional Development courses provide teachers and coaches with a solid foundation in both the content and pedagogical knowledge needed to reach desired learning outcomes with their students. It also focuses on identifying and extracting academic value from the naturally occurring STEM situations encountered in robotics explorations.

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